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How to robux someone by group

Give robux someone per group It is an alternative that many players want to know in order to help their friends or family with some Robux within the game.

Although it can also be used as a payment method for an object or service within robloxIn any case, here we will tell you how you can donate robux to someone per group.

How to robux someone by group

In order to give someone a robux per group, players must perform the following procedure:

  1. Enter the game on a daily basis but not directly in the application but on the web.
  2. Once there you must create a group to be able to donate robux.
  3. Place your mobile with 'desktop site' view
  4. You must put a balance to the group of roblox.
  5. There you must enter your group and give the option called 'distribute'
  6. There you must put the username you want to give robux.
  7. Select there the amount of robux you want to donate.
  8. Finally, click on the 'play' option.
give someone robux per group

Ready with this procedure you can give robux to any friend you have in the game and within a specific group.

Remember to be careful when making a transaction within the game so that you are not scammed, so it is best to make this type of transfers with known people.